Case Study: AdTech


Services we provided:

  • Brand re-positioning
  • Qualitative and quantitative consumer research
  • Agency selection and management
  • Creation of a strategic brand platform
  • Selling support
  • Project management

Building a new brand.

Our client had significant growth opportunities on the horizon, but needed focus and guidance to realize these opportunities. We helped quantify the size of the prize for these new products, and helped set them up for success.

Challenge: Why AdTech came to us.

Despite identifying exciting new product opportunities, our client was challenged by how to action the opportunity to drive the growth they needed.

Solution: How we uncovered opportunities.

We set out to determine the market potential for each new product opportunity. Our market audits helped AdTech understand the retail environments for each product and identified what factors would support sell-in with retailers like Walmart, Michaels and Ace Hardware. With insights from research, we were able to refine their positioning and key messages for use on packaging and throughout marketing communications. We also selected, briefed and managed resources, including packaging design, graphics and copywriting, to get them ready to launch. We also worked closely with the Adtech sales team, providing them with much-needed retail selling support materials.

Results: AdTech keeps moving forward.

With a clear pathway to success, retailer acceptance is above expectations. AdTech has asked us to develop strategic and tactical marketing plans for both new products, track in-market performance and continue to develop the portfolio.